UC Davis student body joins the ASUCD Executive Office by helping to get our peers registered to vote through Aggies Vote!  The Aggies Vote is initiative is focused on getting students and all Aggies to

1) Register to vote
2) Make a plan – link to ASUCD page
3) Make your voices heard by voting 

ASUCD is leading the way by creating a helpful guide to help students understand and navigate the various California propositions and ballot measures, all from the perspective of your fellow students.  ASUCD understands there is a lot of information out there and it might feel overwhelming but we are here to help provide you with information so your individual voice is heard.  

What is the California Gubernatorial Recall Election?

The upcoming Gubernatorial Recall election will present California voters with the option to recall current Governor, Gavin Newsom. The recall ballot will present voters with two questions. 


1) The first question will ask whether the Governor should be recalled from office. 


2) The second question will ask who should succeed Gavin Newsom if he is successfully recalled. The governor is only SUCCESSFULLY recalled when a 50% majority of voters vote YES to recall the governor on question (1) one. The candidate who gathers the most votes on question (2) two regardless of majority will immediately replace the incumbent.


2021 California Gubernatorial Recall Election Timeline: 


August 16, 2021: Early Voting begins & ballots are mailed to ALL registered voters in California. 


August 17, 2021: Ballot Drop-off locations are open until September 14th.


August 30, 2021: Voter Registration deadline, however, you can still register to vote using a same-day registration card at your polling station up until Election day. 


September 14, 2021: ELECTION Day


October 14, 2021: Certification of Election


Example Ballot from PREVIOUS Recall Election:


As part of our civic duties as Aggies we are informed and educated on local, state and federal elections. Make sure to get out and vote on election day, Aggies Vote!