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This is ASUCD like you’ve never seen before. Our sixteen units, twelve committees, and eight commissions have been waiting to show what we can do for you.

The Pantry

Can’t get enough of The Pantry’s fresh fruits and veggies? You’re in luck! The Pantry has expanded their delivery of produce and other perishable items (think milk, eggs, etc.) to every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. You don’t even have to worry about making an appointment, walk-ins are totally welcome!

The CoHo

The first floor of the Memorial Union is home to ASCUD’s very own Coffee House. Now that we’re back on campus, the CoHo is the perfect place to grab a snack, get your caffeine fix, and study with some friends. Stop by today and live the CoHo experience, and be sure to check out the CoHo Instagram and Facebook pages for menu, hours, and hiring updates!

Bike Barn

Let’s be honest, y’all: bike life isn’t always easy-breezy. That’s why the Bike Barn has everything you need to get back to exploring; from spare parts, bright lights, and service plans to keep you on the road all year long! Make sure to check out the Bike Barn’s monthly newsletter to stay in the loop about the Bike Barn’s hours, services, and deals.


You’ve got places to be, and Unitrans wants to get you there. Whether you’re looking for a ride to campus or a quick jaunt Downtown, these iconic red buses are a safe and reliable ride for wherever you want to go. Check the Unitrans website to stay updated on routes and services.

The California Aggie

What’s black, white, and newsworthy all over? It’s our premier campus newspaper, The California Aggie! The Aggie is back both in print (every Thursday) AND online (updated daily)! Best of all, it’s free! Get a copy of the latest scoop at the following locations or online on their website

Do you think you have something that’s fit to print? Submit news items of interest managing@theaggie.org for editorial consideration!

What does ASUCD do?


Composed of 16 unique units, ASUCD works to better our campus community and provide services to the student body at UC Davis. ASUCD is committed to making your transition back to UC Davis as safe and simple as possible, so you can get back to better.

Get involved!

Do you have a voice that’s begging to be heard? How about an artistic vision that’s looking to be realized? Or maybe you’ve got a killer three-point turn? With jobs, internships, and volunteer positions looking to be filled, ASUCD wants you to apply today, wherever your talents may lie.

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