asucd needs you.


February 18 – 21




asucd needs you.


February 18 – 21




asucd needs you.


February 18 – 21




asucd needs you.


February 18 – 21




asucd needs you.


February 18 – 21




asucd needs you.


February 18 – 21




asucd needs you.


February 18 – 21




ASUCD needs me?

This quarter, students will be asked to vote on a basic needs and services fee referendum to help ASUCD continue to provide programs and services that our community rely on and enjoy. 

If passed, we can continue to serve and support you and every UC Davis student into the future.

Background on ASUCD Funding:

The ASUCD Base  Fee maintains and supports ASUCD units and services (e.g. CoHo, The Pantry, Entertainment Council, and Bike Barn).

Currently, UC Davis students contribute only $8 per quarter to the ASUCD General Fund to support all of our units (also known as the ASUCD base fee).


Why is this fee increase necessary?

Starting in January 2017, the California state minimum wage is required to increase $1 per hour per year through 2022, which increases ASUCD expenses because our employees must be paid more.

In addition, the ASUCD base fee has not increased since 1979 and has the lowest fee among all UC’s, despite having the largest budget.

Inflation and increased costs of supplies have also increased our costs.

How much is needed?

The ASUCD base fee will increase by $26 per quarter in the 2020-2021 academic year.

As costs continue to increase in order to pay our employees, so will these fees, by $8 each quarter until they are indexed to inflation in 2030.

This will help ensure ASUCD has the resources to support students well into the future.

25% of this fee will go to financial aid for students in need, as required by the University of California policy (also known as Return to Aid).

If you vote “YES”:

ASUCD can pay student employees more, and provide more job opportunities for students.




ASUCD can expand our services and programs, including, but not limited to:

  • The Pantry
  • Mental Health Initiative
  • Housing Advising for Undergraduate Students (HAUS)
  • Picnic Day
  • Free legal services for all undergraduate students 

ASUCD can increase funding for student organizations and Cultural Days.

ASUCD can mitigate price increases at our commercial units (i.e., Coffee House, Bike Barn, etc.).

If you vote “NO”:

Without additional funding, ASUCD must cut programs, services, and student employment to balance the budget beginning in the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

Several programs will be forced to make cuts, including but not limited to:

  • Coffee House, CoHo South, & Bio Brew
  • The Pantry
  • Entertainment Council
  • Mental Health Initiative
  • Campus Center for the Environment
  • Legal Services
  • Cultural Days
  • ASUCD Executive Office, Committees, and Commissions

Frequently asked questions

What is Return to Aid? Why does it make up 25% of the proposed additional fee?

University of California policy requires that any fee referendum provide 25% of revenues back to financial aid. This will help offset costs associated with this fee increase for undergraduates receiving financial aid.

How much is the ASUCD base fee currently?

UC Davis undergraduate students currently pay $8 per quarter into the ASUCD Base Fee, as part of our tuition.

Where does ASUCD get their money from?

The ASUCD General Fund receives funding from the following two sources:

  1. Income from commercial units (i.e., CoHo, Picnic Day, Refrigerator Services, Whole Earth Festival)
  2. ASUCD base fee — currently only $8 per quarter (unchanged since 1979)
What has ASUCD already done to reduce costs and increase revenues?

ASUCD currently receives only roughly 10% of its revenue from the base fee. ASUCD units generate 90% of the revenue to cover our operating costs. 

As a non-profit, when our costs increase, ASUCD must cut student employment or programs and services. 

The Coffee House has already raised its prices to balance the budget, while Unitrans has increased the price of its marketing space.

Is ____________ part of ASUCD?

View all the units that make up ASUCD here.

How can I help?

From Feb. 18 to Feb. 21, visit to vote. 

We need your vote. We need your friends and classmates to vote. We need you.

ASUCD needs you.