Specialized Transportation Services / Tipsy Taxi



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Specialized Transportation Services

STS is a publicly-funded charter service that utilizes Unitrans vehicles,operators, and facilities to provide a non-fixed route service available for events and private functions.

Charter Request Forms/Applications
Basic fill in the blank sort of form with all the info necessary to fill out coversheets and order forms. Needs to be provided two weeks/eleven business days before the date of the event. It is in the form folder as Charter Request Form.

Responsibility Forms
Both Greek and non-Greek Responsibility Forms are available in the forms  folder. Greek groups are required to fill out both forms, non-Greeks just the one. These can either be filed with the Charter Request Form or printed and submitted with payment.

Good Times to Charter
Because STS contracts out Unitrans buses for our charters, it can be more difficult to charter a bus during normal Unitrans service (generally 7am-7pm on weekdays). This does not preclude chartering buses on weekday mornings or afternoons, but it can be more problematic than evenings or weekends. Please be aware that some weekends throughout the quarter tend to be very popular with campus groups and we may be fully booked many weeks in advance. In other words, your chances of getting a bus are better the sooner you contact us (although we do not schedule charters more than 6 months in advance).

Unfortunately, STS does not charter buses outside of a 45 mile radius of Davis. This includes Stockton and San Francisco. Campus groups who wish to charter a bus to anywhere further away may want to look into Fleet services. A map of where we do and do not go is posted on the wall in the STS office.

Tipsy Taxi

Tipsy Taxi is a non-fixed route weekend taxi service for UC Davis undergraduates offering rides at a flat rate of $3 per person.

Hours of Operation: Thursday/Friday/Saturday: 10PM – 2AM.

Call in, and be prepared.  Know where you are, where you’re going, and approximetly how many of you are going. The more accurate you are, the faster we can give you service.  We do not accept requests more than 15 minutes in advance.  Please have fare ready when you board the vehicle, and be prepared to show your Aggie Card to prove you are an undergraduate.  You MUST be an undergraduate to ride.

The pickup times given to each passenger are estimates; STS will not be held responsible for any unexpected delays due to – but not limited to – traffic, high passenger loads, detours, or accidents.  We will do everything in our power to pick you up as close to the pickup times as possible.

Our dispatchers do everything they can to answer as many calls as possible during the course of the night.  During high-demand times, that becomes exceedingly difficult.  From 10:00 – 10:30 and from 1:30 – 2:00, we see unusually high pickup requests.  If you can work around those times, you will be more likely to get a ride.

Fare is $3 per person, or one-ride tickets.  One-ride tickets can be purchased in the Unitrans Business Office (South Hall 5; in the basement) individually or in larger quantities for discount.  They are a lot easier to carry around than change.  Feel free to come in to South Hall during regular business hours to purchase them.


Unit Director: STSDirector@asucd.ucdavis.edu