Senate Bill Templates

Below are templates to aid in the writing of Senate Bills (with a finance or policy oriented focus) and Senate Resolutions.  If you are interested in writing a bill and require further assistance, members of the Internal Affairs Commission can be contacted via email to provide format-related help.  You will require an ASUCD Senator to introduce your bill to Senate to cycle it into the legislative process; after the bill is complete, email or go to a Senator’s office hours to talk about introducing it.

Template for: Spending Bills

Bills that allocate funding from the ASUCD Capital Reserves or ASUCD Senate Reserves to purchase capital or to fund Senate Projects/Programs.

Template for:  Policy Bills

Bills that seek to revise the ASUCD Bylaws or provide other internal changes to ASUCD

Template for:  Resolutions

An official opinion/statement of the ASUCD Senate