ASUCD Scholarship

The ASUCD Scholarship sets to recognize undergraduate students who display ASUCD’s core values of Diversity and Inclusion, Professional Development, Collaboration, and Community Impact. The ASUCD Scholarship focuses upon students who may not receive high GPAs, but are outstanding in aspects of their character.

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Applications close on: TBD

Application instructions

All continuing undergraduate students enrolled and in good academic standing at the University of California, Davis are eligible for an ASUCD Scholarship. Students with current disciplinary sanctions in effect are ineligible to apply.

Students will submit their application through the form provided below. Answer each question concisely and completely, adhering to the character limits. Alongside the application questions, students are to submit a resume.

The deadline to apply is TBD.

Selection Process

After the submission deadline, the ASUCD Scholarship Selection Committee will review the applications and then notify each selected applicant for an interview.

Following the interviews, the ASUCD Scholarship Selection Committee will notify the scholarship winners.

The $1,000 scholarship funds will be disbursed to recipients for the Spring Quarter through their financial aid packages, available on UC Davis MyAwards.


Essay questions are as follows:

1. ASUCD’s core values are Diversity and Inclusion, Professional Development, Collaboration, and Community Impact. Picking one of these values, please explain how they align with your own, and provide an example of a time you demonstrated this value. (250 word limit)

2. Please describe your most meaningful achievement and how it relates to your passions, field of study, and/or future goals. (250 word limit)

3. What is your favorite quote and discuss how you embody or uphold this via your actions, words, or involvement. (250 word limit)

4. What is one thing that you believe your application would be incomplete without? (250 word limit)

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please email (with subject line: “ASUCD Scholarship”) the ASUCD Vice President at or Academic Affairs Commission at