Remembering Janice Corbett

Whether you were longtime friends, colleagues, or met in passing, Janice Corbett left an impact on all of us. She was a constant presence on campus and was an Aggie through and through. Janice joined UC Davis as a student and graduated in 1994 with B.S. in Managerial Econ and B.A. in Psychology and worked in ASUCD from 1991 to 1994. After graduation she worked in the private sector until 2003 when UC Davis called her back.

Janice returned to Davis and worked at the Cal Aggie Alumni Association where she served as Membership Manager, Marketing Director, interim Executive Director, and Associate Executive Director. In August 2013 Janice became the ASUCD Business Manager and served in this role until April 29, 2018.

Janice had a long affiliation with UC Davis and loved her work but more importantly she loved the people she met along the way. Recently Janice wrote a message that she wanted to share:

When times are good and easy,
we build nets of friends for fun.
When time turn dark and needy,
we turn to friends of love.
I shared my life of work with you,
and you were there for me.
I learned your love is “basic you”
and have found how your life blesses me.

Our thoughts and condolences are with her family and two sons.

We love you, Janice, rest in peace.