Name: Rahi Vijay Suryawanshi


Personal Gender Pronouns: she/her/hers

Office Hours: SCC from 2-4 on Mondays and Fridays

Adopted Units: Bike Barn, Experimental College, KDVS, Picnic Day & STS/Tipsy Taxi

Hello! Thanks for stopping by.
The importance of institutional change and solution-based actions & dialogue; these are the two values I owe to my time in Senate. It’s my last quarter in this position and I’m working on consolidating funds for theCommunity Resource & Retention Centers, bringing an American Sign Language program to our campus and making sure we establish a more collaborative atmosphere within the senators. ASUCD is a reflection of the presence and work of its units, committees and commissions, and I’m thankful for having been a part of the legislative aspect that works alongside them all. Collaborating with the folks aside from just the ones that are elected, is key to making a tangible impact.This position is truly what one makes of it, and aside from collaborating with bodies within ASUCD, it is integral to work with communities on campus that are beyond the realms of this association.

“In order to do something you’ve never done, you’ve got to become someone you’ve never been.”

Feel free to reach me at at absolutely any time of day – I’ll respond to your email as soon as possible. You’ll also find me at the SCC from 2-4 on Mondays and Fridays.

Remember your purpose, you’re here for a reason and the world is lucky to have you. Have a beautiful day!