Picnic Day is an annual open house event each April during which many Davis community members, students, and alumni wander around campus and downtown enjoying our wonderful community. It includes a parade in the morning followed by events and exhibitions all over town and on campus throughout the day. The parade starts with words from the Chancellor and the Picnic Day parade marshals followed by a lively performance by the California Aggie Marching Band-Uh. Two highlights of Picnic Day are the Doxie Derby and the Battle of the Bands. The event captures the spirit of many things that are quintessentially Davis. It is an agricultural showcase and open house for school organizations.

Putting on Picnic Day

Picnic Day is run by 16 students who form the Board of Directors. Each director handles a separate area or event. Picnic Day planning for the next year begins shortly after the end of each year’s event. Each director usually has 2-7 assistants who help in the planning and execution of Picnic Day each year.

The event is co-sponsored by the City of Davis, the University and ASUCD.  Picnic Day’s funds support communications (radios & sound for stages) , equipment, printing (posters, flyers, schedule of events etc.), technical support (web and sound equipment for stages & classrooms), hiring multi-cultural Entertainment/performers, the Children’s Discovery Fair, stage rental, food and t-shirts for the volunteers, and many other elements that ensure the smooth execution of the event.


Chair: Elise Pohlhammer



349 Memorial Union