The Coffee House was established in 1968 by the Associated Students of the University of California at Davis (ASUCD). Originally located in East Hall, it was founded in order to create a small eatery that would provide high quality food and offer an environment where students could relax between classes.

The Coffee House is currently a $4.2M break-even operation staffed by 5 full-time and career employees, a handful of student managers, and over 250 student employees (hiring over 80 new employees each year). Approximately 40 part time student supervisors are responsible for daily oversight and weekend management of the Coffee House, while the full time staff oversee all aspects of the operation from annual budgeting to customer service.

As the most popular dining facility at UC Davis, the ASUCD Coffee House has been providing some of the most inexpensive and nutritious food on campus for the last 40+ years, and continues to do so for more than 7,000 customers daily.


347 Memorial Union

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Director: Darin Schluep

(530) 754-2646