Matthew Yamaguchi

Name: Matthew Yamaguchi

Year: 4th


Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 4:30-6:30 pm at the CoHo

Bio: What’s up Aggies, I’m Matt Yamaguchi – I’m a fourth year Managerial Economics major coming from Palmdale in southern California. Since coming to UC Davis I’ve been amazed by the level of talent and resourcefulness my peers bring to the school. As a business and finance enthusiast I would love nothing more than to see and support enterprising students from all backgrounds and majors find success here at our school.  My objective is to see our student body realize it’s full potential and to encourage the university to offer more support for our students with truly ambitious goals. On a more casual note, you can probably catch me playing pool downtown or eating at TxMx in the CoHo because it’s amazing – don’t be afraid to say hey!

Winter 2017 Report