1 Government,

3 Branches



The ASUCD President and Vice President are elected together as a ticket annually during Winter Quarter Elections.



The legislative branch of ASUCD is headed by the ASUCD Senate. Under it is a large support network containg of seven comissions and various committees.

The ASUCD Senate is the body which introduces, and commonly writes, legislation. Once legislation is submitteeed to the Senate, it gets referred to any number of the relevant commissions who scrutinize the legislation and offer their specialized opinion on it. Other committees also exist to serve specific functions.



The Judicial branch of ASUCD is headed by the ASUCD Judicial Council.  The Judicial Council serves as the adjudicative body of ASUCD.  The ASUCD Constitution gives the Judicial Council the authority to issue binding rulings on disputes that arise under the Constitution and Bylaws, including the resolution of all disputes arising under official actions of ASUCD Elected Officials, Appointed Officers, and all subordinate bodies of the ASUCD Senate.

To open a case with the Judicial Council, a complaint form must be submitted with the Student Government Administrative Office.



ASUCD has a rich history of representing students’ voices and providing leadership opportnities for anyone interested.


Students at the University Farm created the Associated Students of the University Farm.


A constitutional change restructured the government to parallel the federal system with the Senate, President and Vice President and the Student Relations Council (Judicial).


The Outreach Assembly is created to reach out to registered students.


The first floor of the Memorial Union was constructed.


ASUCD increases the number of Senate members to twelve.