Transfer, Re-entry & Veteran Committee

Wednesdays 5 pm – 6 pm
Moss Room


Nolan Matter (Chairperson)
Ryan Downer (Vice Chairperson)
Salvador Cruz (Officer of Media)
James Moylan (Officer of Outreach)
Dylan Hunt (TRV Liaison)
Brendan Miller (Secretary)
Travis Candies (Member)


Ex-Oficio Members: 
Sam Park (Senator)
Parteek Singh (Senator)
Brendan Chang (N/A)


Description/Mission statement:
 The Transfer, Re-entry, and Veterans Committee (TRAVC) actively works to create and promote an inclusive, welcoming environment for transfer, re-entry and veteran (TRV) students by being aware of their individual needs. It also seeks to holistically enhance their academic and personal experience at UC Davis by facilitating greater student involvement and directly engaging with the TRV community. We aim to provide resources through the planning and execution of unique projects, programs, and services.