DREAM Committee

The DREAM Committee is composed of seven (7) voting members, all of whom are current UC Davis undergraduate students. The following serve as ex officios of the Committee or may designate someone to serve in their place: the Chairperson of the Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission (ECAC), the Chairperson of the Gender and Sexuality Commission (GASC), the Chairperson of the External Affairs Commission (EAC), the Chairperson of the Internal Affairs Commission (IAC), one (1) ASUCD Senator, one (1) Scholars Promoting Education Awareness and Knowledge representative, two (2) Student Recruitment and Retention Center (SRRC) Representatives, one (1) Cross Cultural Center (CCC) Representative, one(1) Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) Representative, one (1) representative from the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) and one (1) Student Affairs Officer.

The primary charge of the DREAM Committee is to advocate for initiatives on campus that will improve the education, awareness, and advocacy of issues relating to undocumented students at UC Davis. It is imperative that the DREAM Committee collaborates with the UC Davis AB 540 Task Force on Undocumented Immigrant Students. The secondary charge of the DREAM Committee is to program and facilitate events. The Committee  provides students with opportunities for collaborative action and leadership in their area of interest. The final charge of the DREAM Committee is to make quarterly reports to the ASUCD Senate on issues pertaining to undocumented students.


Friday at 5 PM at the AB540 and Undocumented Student Center


Name Email Position
Alexandra Camille Munoz San Pablo dreamcommitteeasucd@gmail.com Chair
Enrique Lopez  Vice Chair
Alejandra Ayala-Oviedo Member
Angeles Nohemi Cruz Arango Member
Jissel Guadalupe Olea Lopez Member
Maria Navarro Member
Mayra Janeth Pelagio Member
Noe Ruiz Member
Claudia Paloma Serrano Member
Nanci Torres-Poblano Member