Unit Relocation Space Allocation Committee

The Unit Relocation and Space Allocation Committee (URSAC) creates a forum to discuss physical Unit relocations and special allocations within ASUCD. It consists of five (5) voting members. Members include the ASUCD President, two (2) ASUCD Senators, the Business Manager and the ASUCD Controller who serves as Chairperson. Ex-officio members include all affected Unit Directors, the Director of Creative Media, the Chairperson of the Internal Affairs Commission and the Chairperson of the Business and Finance Commission. URSAC meets on an ad hoc basis.

Meeting Minutes can be found here.


Member Email Position
* controller@asucd.ucdavis.edu Controller
Janice Corbett jlcorbett@ucdavis.edu  Business Manager
Mariah K. Watson president@asucd.ucdavis.edu President
 Sevan Nehabedian snahabedian@ucdavis.edu  Senator
 Roman Rivilis  rhrivilis@ucdavis.edu  Senator