ASUCD Scholarship Committee

The purpose of the ASUCD Scholarship Committee is to manage all activities relating to the ASUCD Scholarship including: planning, publicizing, selecting recipients, and ensuring proper distribution. The ASUCD Scholarship Committee consists of seven (7) voting members: the ASUCD Business Manager, the ASUCD Vice President, the Academic Affairs Commission Chairperson, the Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission Chairperson, one (1) other Commission Chairperson chosen at the discretion of the Senate and two (2) ASUCD Senators. The ASUCD Vice President serves as Chairperson for the ASUCD Scholarship Committee, and the Academic Affairs Commission Chairperson serves as the Vice Chairperson. The ASUCD Scholarship is awarded twice an academic year.


Member Email Position
*Gareth Smythe Vice President
Academic Affairs Commission
 Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission Chair
 Business Manager
 Anabiah Syed  Senator
Casey Nguyen  Senator
Internal Affairs Commission Chair


**Vice Chair