International Undergraduate Student Committee

The International Undergraduate Student Committee is composed of nine (9) voting members. Membership is comprised of one (1) representative from the Student Housing Office of Student Development, one (1) representative from the Service for International Students and Scholars (SISS), six (6) undergraduate students and one (1) committee chairperson. One (1) ASUCD Senator (to be elected at the first Senate meeting of each quarter), one (1) representative from External Affairs Commission (EAC), one (1) representative from Outreach Assembly, one (1) representative from Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission, one (1) representative from Academic Affairs Commission and the ASUCD President or their designee serve as ex officio non-voting members. The objective of the International Undergraduate Student Committee is to unite international and domestic students as well as develop plans to voice the concerns of international students. Specifically, the committee will act as a resource for international students to help make them more aware of the resources available to them as UC Davis students, listen to their grievances, and advocate on their behalf at the administrative level. The committee will work with clubs and organizations that support international students as well as other departments, including ASUCD, in order to celebrate campus diversity, encourage collaboration, and provide an environment of help and understanding for international students.

Termination Date

February 14, 2014


Tuesdays 4-6pm Moss Room (3rd Floor Memorial Union)


Name Email Position
Vishal Chakraborty Chairperson
 Jesus Olivares Guerero Member
 William Deng Member
 Yitong (Ryan) Li Member

Ex-Officio Members

Name Email Position
Student Housing Rep
EAC (Ex-officio)
AAC (Ex-officio)
ECAC (Ex-officio)
Alex T. Lee President (Ex-officio)
Anas Tresh Senator