Committee on Committees

The Committee on Committees (COC) consists of seven (7) voting members. The Committee is chaired by the Director of University Affairs. Other voting members include the ASUCD President, two (2) ASUCD Senators, the Academic Affairs Commission Chairperson, the Internal Affairs Commission Chairperson and the Business and Finance Commission Chairperson. COC conducts the advertising, application and appointment process of undergraduates to Administrative Advisory Committees (AAC) and Academic Senate Committees. The committee shall meet on an ad-hoc basis in concordance with the schedule of AAC applications and appointments, as needed by the Committee Chairperson or the ASUCD President.

The Committee on Committees is responsible for overseeing the ASUCD student representatives to the Administrative Advisory Committees (AAC) and Academic Senate Committees (ASC). The committee reviews applications and selects representatives in addition to facilitating student information, ideas, and plans between ASUCD, AACs, and ASCs through meetings and general assemblies.

Chair: Kia Aliakbar:


Member Contact Information
Chair, Kia Aliakbar
Internal Affairs Commissioner, Jacob Ganz
OASR Unit Director, David Nagey
Adoptive Senator, Marcos Rodriguez
Adoptive Senator, Matthew Yamaguchi
Academic Affairs Commission Chairperson, Abigail Edwards
ASUCD President, Josh Dalavai