External Affairs Commission

The External Affairs Commission is an advisory board comprised of nine student members and up to four alternates. The commission is responsible for establishing connections and communicating with all off-campus public bodies that affect the welfare of students in the University. In addition to working with the aforementioned groups, the commission works with the ASUCD Senate to develop and recommend policies for action on external issues as well as disseminate information concerning the tasks of the commission. Other bodies the commission interacts with include: the Office of City and Community Relations, Lobby Corps and the Office of University Affairs.

Seal and Logo

To learn about EAC’s seal and logo, click here.

Principles of One Community

Learn more about the Principles of One Community at its page.


Meetings are held Tuesdays from 5:00-7:00pm in the AMC Room on the 3rd Floor of the MU.


EAC Chair Sara Williams’ Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00m – 5:00 pm at the Coffee House/Second Floor of the Memorial Union Patio


Commissioner Email Term
*Sara Williams sdwilliams@ucdavis.edu Fall
**Mikayla Kutsuris mekutsuris@ucdavis.edu Fall
Kia Aliakbar kia_aliakbar@yahoo.com Fall
Karina Coltun Schneider kcoltunschneider@ucdavis.edu Fall
Travis Candieas trcandieas@ucdavis.edu  Fall
Amanda Bernal arbernal@ucdavis.edu Fall
Christopher Han cyha@ucdavis.edu Fall
Vannalee Cayabyab vcayabyab@ucdavis.edu Fall
Hannah Virtue mhvirtue@ucdavis.edu Fall


Alternate Email Rank Term
Aparna Komarla apkomarla@ucdavis.edu 1st Alternate Winter
Samuel Kennedy sjkennedy@ucdavis.edu 2nd Alternate Winter
Amber Governale asgovernale@ucdavis.edu 3rd Alternate Winter


Ex Officio Members
Designee from the Office of University Affairs
Designee from the Office of City and Community Relations
Designeee from Lobby Corps
Representative from the Graduate Student Association