Judicial Council

The Judicial Council meets on Mondays at 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM, in the AMC Room.

Judicial Council Complaint Forms and Judicial Council Appeal Forms are available in SGAO.

For information regarding the judicial process, consult the ASUCD Judicial Codes.


Position Name Contact Pronouns
Chair Aria Aghalarpour  aaghalarpour@ucdavis.edu  he/him/his
Member Jason “J.J.” Hsu jahsu@ucdavis.edu he/him/his
Member Ariel Mendlin  armendlin@ucdavis.edu, she/her/hers
Member Maria Martinez ucdmartinez@ucdavis.edu she/her/hers
Member Nathan Chan njchan@ucdavis.edu he/him/his
Clerk Victoria Harper vaharper@ucdavis.edu she/her/hers

Judical Council Memos

Date Description
February 8, 2019 In reviewing Senate Bill #51, we raised questions regarding the constitutionality of ASUCD
Senate instructing ASUCD Judicial Council to rehear a case and furthermore instruct Judicial
Council to issue a revised appeal to ASUCD Senate.

Judicial Council Verdicts and Opinions

Case Date Vote Count Majority Opinion Dissenting Opinion Description
Lopez-Montaño v. Elections Committee Consdieration: 11/3/17 Consideration: 0-3-2  N/A  N/A Appealing the Elections Committee decision to remove a candidate as a result of insufficient petition signatures.
Elections Committee v. Hatefi

Consideration: 12/5/18

Ruling: 01/12/18

Consideration: 5-0-0

Ruling: 3-0-2

 Opinion N/A A complaint by Elections Committee alleging campaign violations by a prospective candidate for ASUCD President. The Judicial Council found the respondent guilty and ruled that two campaign violations points would be assessed.
Hatefi-Deshpande v. Elections Committee

Consideration: 2/12/18

Ruling: 2/13/18

Consideration: 5-0-0

Ruling: 5-0-0

 Opinion N/A  An appeal of the decision of the ASUCD Election Committee to disqualify the Hatefi-Deshpande ticket. Judicial Council affirmed the decision of the Elections Committee (Petitioners filed an appeal with JCOC, which voted 3-0-0 to not hear the appeal).
Butt et al. v Hacker and Qayum

Consideration: 2/12/18

Hearing: 2/17/18

Consideration: 4-0-1

Ruling: 5-0-0

Opinion N/A

This case was a consolidation of Butt v. Hacker, Quach v. Hacker, Cortez v. Hacker, Butt v. Qayum, Quach v. Qayum, and Cortez v. Qayum.

The case is regarding Hacker and Qayum’s attendance for the full mandatory candidate’s meeting held on February 3rd, 2018. Judicial Council ruled no action was necessary.

Butt et al. v. Heurlin

Hearing: 2/12/18

Ruling: 2/17/18

Consideration: 4-0-1
Ruling: 5-0-0
Concurring Opinion

 This case was a consolidation of Butt v. Huerlin, Quach v. Heurlin, and Cortez v. Huerlin.

The case was regarding Heurlin’s physical absence from the February 3rd, 2018 mandatory candidate’s meeting.

Judicial Council ruled that Huerlin is ineligible to run for Senate in Winter 2018.

Respondents filed an appeal with JCOC, which by a 1-2-0 vote, with Jamaludin and Ganz opposed and Gardiner in favor, voted against hearing the appeal.

Saling v. Dalavai Consideration: 3/5/18 Hearing: 3/12/18 Consideration: 4-0-1 Injunctive Ruling: 2-2-1 Ruling: 4-1-0 Opinion N/A

This case challenged the legitimacy of the presidential veto of ASUCD Senate Bill #35 on the basis of Article 4 Section 1(9) of the ASUCD Constitution.

Judicial Council ruled that the veto was unconstitutional.

Godderis v. Gofman et. al. Consideration: 3/5/18  Consideration: 0-4-1 N/A  N/A

This case was a consolidation of Godderis v. Hacker, Godderis v. Clemons, Godderis v. Spasoz, Godderis v. Branson, and Godderis v. Gofman.

The case was regarding alleged violations of campaign regulations by the “Unite!” slate in the Winter 2018 ASUCD Elections.

Judicial Council dismissed the case due to any potential adjudication being in conflict with ASUCD Bylaw Section 406(B)(a)(ii), which states “All complaints must be filed before the announcement of the election results.”

Nelson v. ASUCD

Consideration: 4/20/2018

Hearing: 4/27/18

Consideration: 3-0-2 Injunctive Ruling: 3-0-2

Ruling: 4-0-1

Temporary Injunctive Ruling



A case challenging the timeframe for which recall signature petitions can be released by Elections Committee.

The Judicial Council struck several Bylaws as unconstitutional and clarified the recall process timeline.

Htoo v. Kaleem Hearing: 6/8/18  Ruling: 3-1-1 Opinion Opinion A complaint that challenged the constitutionality of ASUCD Senate Bill #72 on the basis of Article IX and Article X of the ASUCD Constitution, claiming the bill gives unenumerated powers to the Judicial Branch.
Certain sections of SB #72 were found unconstitutional as a result of the limited enumeration of power to the Judicial Council.
Gardiner v. Ganz

Hearing: January 24, 2019 

Decided: January 28, 2019

Ruling: 5-0-1 Opinion N/A

A case that challenged the constitutionality of Section 502(4) of the ASUCD Bylaws, which outlines the hiring procedures of ASUCD Commission Chairs and Members. 

The Judicial Council found Section 502(4) of the ASUCD Bylaws to be unconstitutional, and declared that Senate must revise it immediately. The vote count of every new applicant must be announced at Senate before the applicant’s Confirmation Hearing.

Gardiner v. Hack and Spasov

Hearing: March 1, 2019

Decided: March 11, 2019

Ruling: 4-1-0 Opinion Opinion

A case that challenged the constitutionality of Senate Bill #51, which clarified an appeals process for the ASUCD Judicial Council in the ASUCD Bylaws.

The Judicial Council found Senate Bill #51 to be unconstitutional, and deemed any language added to the ASUCD Bylaws from Senate Bill #51 to also be unconstitutional. The Student Government Administrative Office (SGAO) is to enforce this ruling by removing all language resulting from Senate Bill #51.

Hack, Aloni v. ASUCD Executive Office


May 8, 2019


May 13, 2019

Ruling: 5-0-0


Concurring Opinion


A case that challenged the constitutionality of ASUCD Senate Resolution #17 (passed on May 28, 2015).

The Judicial Council found this Senate Resolution #17 to be inconsistent with the ASUCD
Constitution. The Student Government Administrative Office is to enforce this ruling by removing Senate Resolution #17.Opinion