Executive Office of the ASUCD President

Welcome to the page of the office of ASUCD President Alex T. Lee.  The ASUCD President and Vice President are elected together as a ticket annually during the Winter General Elections.

President: Alex T. Lee

Office Hours: By appointment, please contact Chief of Staff Lung at chiefofstaff@asucd.ucdavis.edu

Vice President: Abhay Sandhu
Controller: Joseph DeAngelo

Chiefs of Staff:

Tiffany Lung
Chief of Staff

Nitika Mummidivarapu
Deputy Chief of Staff

Jumana Esau
Junior Chief of Staff

ASUCD Presidential Vetoes 2017:
Veto Message for SB #21, 22, 27, 30

ASUCD Office of the President Special Reports

Executive Office of ASUCD

Alex Lee – President


Abhay Sandhu – ASUCD Vice President



Joseph DeAngelo – ASUCD Controller