ASUCD Programmatic Committees

Aggie Mentorship Committee (AMC)

ChairBrooke Isrow

DescriptionThe Aggie Mentors Committee (AMC) helps incoming freshmen and transfer students adapt to college life. They have established students to guide them personally, answer questions, and be an immediate friend.

Meeting Time: At discretion of Chairperson

# of Adopted Senator(s): 2

Adopted Senator(s): Sahni, Youedon

Aggie Housing and Transportation  Advocacy Committee (AHTAC)

Chair: Allie O’Brien

Description: The Aggie Housing and Transportation Advocacy Committee (AHTAC) focuses on outreach and advocacy for University of California, Davis students; undertakes projects aimed at improving students’ access to housing and transportation resources; organizes to uplift student tenants’ voices and interests; mobilizes student voices at the university, city, county, and other local government levels, and serves as ASUCD’s representative across any coalitions and collaborations with relevant campus organizations and resource centers.


Meeting Time: Thursdays from 3:30-4:30pm in AMC and Zoom

# of Adopted Senator(s): 2

Adopted Senator(s): Alamilla

Disability Rights Advocacy Committee (DRAC)

ChairSarah Theubet

DescriptionThe Disability Rights Advocacy Committee provides student recommendations to the Student Disability Center (SDC), uplifts the voice of the disabled community, and engages in outreach and de-stigmatization efforts.

Meeting Time: Saturdays at 12pm on Zoom

# of Adopted Senator(s): 2

Adopted Senator(s): Orji, Palmer

Donation Drive Committee

ChairAmanda Hamblin

DescriptionThe Donation Drive Committee organizes and plans an annual donation drive and distribution event that aims to support students’ basic needs and create a sustainable method for disposing of unwanted furniture, home appliances, and other miscellaneous items at the end of each academic year.


Meeting Time: At discretion of Chairperson

# of Adopted Senator(s): 1

Adopted Senator(s): Talreja

DREAM Committee

Chair: TBA

DescriptionThe DREAM Committee improves campus climate by building awareness of resources as well as issues regarding the AB 540 and undocumented community. The committee creates resources, organizes events, and bridges the gap between ASUCD and any issues regarding the AB 540 and undocumented community. The DREAM Committee’s primary goal is to lead on the advocacy of resources for undocumented students and their community on the UC Davis campus.

These resources serve to provide students with the needed and much desired tools necessary to lead a successful academic and professional life. In order to create these projects, the DREAM Committee works hard to identify successful partnerships, inspire community involvement, and demand awareness and involvement from ASUCD.


Meeting Time: Every Tuesday from 3:30pm-4:30pm

# of Adopted Senator(s): 2

Adopted Senator(s): Alamilla and Ojeda

Fair Trade Committee (FTC)

Chair: Itzel Gallardo

Description: The Fair Trade Committee supports UC Davis’ status as a Fair Trade University by being the permanent place for the UC Davis Fair Trade Campaign and maintaining the requirements for being a Fair Trade University. This shall include holding educational events about Fair Trade and checking in with campus food vendors on a yearly basis to ensure they are selling the proper amount of Fair Trade products. The Fair Trade Committee shall also work with other UC Fair Trade Campaigns to collaborate on system-wide events. When applicable, the Fair Trade Committee shall work with other UC Fair Trade Campaigns, UCOP staff, Fair Trade Campaigns staff, etc. on UC-wide Fair Trade policies to expand procurement and distribution of Fair Trade certified products.


Meeting Time: Tuesdays 3-4pm on ZoomMeeting ID: 961 2564 9576, and Passcode: 952

*Note: Will resume in-person meetings in Moss Room after 1/31/22

# of Adopted Senator(s): 2

Adopted Senator(s): Krauss, Saraj

Library Committee

Chair: Dhanya Indraganti

DescriptionThe ASUCD Library Committee establishes a strong relationship with Shields Library by providing more communication between the library and ASUCD.


Meeting Time: At discretion of Chairperson

# of Senators: 2

Senators: Krauss, Orji

Research and Data Committee

Chair: Stephen Fujimoto

Description: The ASUCD Research and Data Committee shall serve as an advisory body to the ASUCD Executive Office, the ASUCD Senate and its committees, the ASUCD Commissions, and all ASUCD Units by assisting in providing them with quantitative and qualitative data on topics of interest with the objective that it facilitates these bodies to make well-informed decisions regarding issues affecting the UC Davis community


Meeting Time: Mondays 5-6pm on Zoom

# of Adopted Senator(s): 2

Adopted Senator(s): Mishra, Bocardo-Aguilar

Sexual Assault Awareness Advocacy Committee (SAAAC)

ChairIsaac Ocampo

DescriptionThe SAAAC brings students together to provide intersectional, trauma informed advocacy to improve campus climate, and to facilitate the expansion of access to educational resources about sexual violence, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. The committee also ensures that students are made aware of the reporting process both through the university and law enforcement, victim advocacy resources, confidential support services, information about sexual violence in UC policies as well as students’ rights under Title IX.

Meeting Time: Wendesdays at 7pm on Zoom

# of Adopted Senator(s): 2

Adopted Senator(s): Hair, Chauhan

Student Health and Wellness Committee (SHAWC)

Chair: Hibah Shafi

DescriptionThe Student Health and Wellness Committee plans health and wellness related events on a quarterly basis to support the health and wellness goals of the student population and engages in outreach and collaboration with health-focused organizations on campus.

Meeting Time: Mondays at 7pm on Zoom

# of Adopted Senator(s): 2

Adopted Senator(s): Bocardo-Aguilar, Mishra

Student Sustainability Career Fair Committee (SSCFC)

Chair: Alana Webre

Description: The purpose of the SSCF shall be to run a sustainability career fair, thus introducing more sustainability based organizations to UC Davis to be held once a quarter in the academic year. This committee defines sustainability as the balance of three pillars that are economics, equity, and environmental protection. SSCF shall primarily focus on outreach and education by providing a service to students who are searching for environmentally based careers and internships. This will be a great learning experience for all involved as it will introduce students to new companies and allow them to explore careers beyond the traditional environmental professions.


Meeting Time:Wednesdays 3-4pm on Zoom

# of Adopted Senator(s): 2

Adopted Senator(s): Palmer, Orji

STEM Committee

Chair: Yoanna Soliman (she/her/hers) & Tanya Chettri (she/her/hers)

Description: The purpose of the STEM Committee shall be to incorporate STEM expertise into the operations of the Association, promote access and equity within STEM, and coordinate various outreach and student participation efforts.


Meeting Time: Tuesdays from 1-2pm on Zoom

# of Adopted Senator(s): 2

Adopted Senator(s): Chauhan, Mishra