ASUCD Internal Committees

ASUCD Personnel Committee

Chair: Internal Vice President/Controller

Description: The purpose of the Personnel Committee shall be to provide guidance and oversight of all personnel issues pertaining to ASUCD hourly employees and volunteers with and without stipends and to support ASUCD supervisors in developing and implementing employee staffing, performance management, recording mechanisms, and compensation systems.


Meeting Time: Bi-Weekly, Mondays @ 9:10-10:00am

# of Adopted Senator(s): 1

Adopted Senator(s): JT Eden

Elections Committee

Chair: Reid Rizk

DescriptionThe ASUCD Elections Committee conducts all ASUCD General Elections set forth in the ASUCD Constitution and all Special Elections as authorized under the ASUCD Bylaws chapter on Elections Code. The ASUCD Elections Committee carries out all ASUCD Elections in a fair and impartial manner as outlined in the ASUCD Bylaws chapter on elections code of the ASUCD Bylaws. The ASUCD Elections Committee sets all deadlines regarding the submission of election material if the deadline is not provided in the ASUCD Bylaws.


Election Committee Staff:

IAC Chair/VC

JC Chair/VC


Executive Advisory Council

Co-Chair: Business Manager, Controller

DescriptionThe ASUCD Executive Advisory Council advises the ASUCD Executive Office, ASUCD Business Manager, and ASUCD Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.


Meeting TimeTBD

# of Adopted Senator(s): 1

Adopted Senator(s): Klein

Unit Relocation and Space Allocation Committee (URSAC)

ChairASUCD President

DescriptionA forum to discuss physical unit and space reallocations.

Meeting TimeTBD

# of Adopted Senator(s): 2

Adopted Senator(s): Eden, llupeju