Executive Office Staff


Chief of Staff:


Name: Shelby McMichael
Major: Communication/Sociology
Extra Curriculars: Pi Beta Phi
Why did you join ASUCD/Exec? After spending a quarter in Washington, D.C., I was highly motivated to become involved in local/university government. Because I do not have previous ASUCD experience, I am very thankful that Josh & Adilla took a chance on me to be there C.O.S. It has been especially humbling to understand and see how much work is involved behind-the-scenes to make our university so great!




Executive Office Staffers:


Name: Rafferty Leung
Year:  1st Year
Position: Executive Office Staffer
Major: Chemistry (Minor: Philosophy and English)
Other Extra-Curriculars: Asian American Association, Nursing Club, lab testing for CHE3 (being implemented Fall 2017!), volleyball
Why did you join ASCUD/Executive Office? I wanted to join the executive office because I wanted to get to know ASUCD a little better. I am all about service and I believe that in order for me to serve the community of UC Davis, I have to equip myself with the right tools! I also wanted to do it because I wanted to get a full scope of ASUCD. In the past, I have served on Senate Staff and Chief of Staff but I wanted to see what working at the executive level was like!




Name: MaryAnn McNamara
Year: 1st Year Freshman
Position: Executive Office Staffer
Major: Double Major in History and International Relations
Other Extra-Curriculars: Intramural Sports, Davis College Democrats, International Relations Student Association, Global Tea Club, Certified Community Emergency Responder
Why did you join ASUCD/Executive Office? I’m MaryAnn McNamara, I am a first year Freshmen double majoring in History and International Relations. I joined the Executive Office because I wanted to help make a difference for UC Davis and for the Davis community and I feel that ASUCD is one of the best ways to become involved in the UC Davis community! Some of my extracurriculars include being a member of the Davis College Democrats, International Relations Students Association, and Global Tea Club. I am also an avid team player for Intramural Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee. I am really excited to be a staff for the Executive Office!




Name: Kasey Carlson
Year: 2nd year
Position: Executive Office Staffer
Major: Political Science & Psychology
Other Extra-Curriculars: Mock Trial, Chi Omega, Aggie Pack Internship, Hiking Club, Graduate School of Management Student Assistant
Why did you join ASUCD/Executive Office? I joined the Exec Office because I wanted to give back to the school that has given me so much. As cliche as that sounds, it’s true. I have had so many amazing opportunities while on this campus and I can attribute many to the services provided by ASUCD. I also was involved in Student Government in high school so I jumped at the chance to get involved again.





Name: Natalie Gutierrez
Position: Executive Office Staffer
Year: First year
Major: Political Science and Managerial Economics
Why did you join ASCUD/Executive Office?After being actively engaged on my high school campus I wanted to continue a similar field, therefore looked into ASUCD. Exec Office appealed to me because it allowed me to continue to learn about student government through a different perspective.