Environmental Policy & Planning Commission

The Environmental Policy and Planning Commission (EPPC) is an advisory board to the ASUCD Senate comprised of nine members and up to four alternates. It is responsible for researching environmental issues affecting the campus and its surrounding area, as well as providing recommendations for improvement. EPPC is committed to creating new and enforcing past environmental legislation. EPPC is committed to creating new and enforcing past environmental legislation. The EPPC aims to provide environmental education and outreach in order to better inform students and the campus community about the environment and relevant issues. EPPC works with students, administration, ASUCD, student environmental groups, the City of Davis, and other relevant bodies in order to better recognize and address the environmental concerns of the campus and its community as well as to encourage collaboration in working toward the creation of a more sustainable environment.


Wednesdays 5:00-6:00 pm via Zoom

Password: EPPC2021


By request


Hunter Ottman* He/Him/His hsottman@ucdavis.edu Spring 2021
Junna Faessel jcfaessel@ucdavis.edu Spring 2021
Carly Placencio caplacencio@ucdavis.edu Spring 2021
Maya Bhadury bhadury@ucdavis.edu Spring 2021
Allie Larman arlarman@ucdavis.edu Spring 2021
Alana Webre aswebre@ucdavis.edu Spring 2021
Amaris Fraley abfraley@ucdavis.edu Spring 2021
Forrest Pasturel fbpasturel@ucdavis.edu Winter 2021
Holly Murphy hfmurphy@ucdavis.edu Spring 2021
Junna Faessel jcfaessel@ucdavis.edu Spring 2021
Julia Pano jspano@ucdavis.edu Spring 2021
Logan Legg lllegg@ucdavis.edu Spring 2021
Michaela Krulee mckrulee@ucdavis.edusa Spring 2021
Sarah Finkel sefinkel@ucdavis.edu Spring 2021
Sydney Cliff secliff@ucdavis.edu Spring 2021

* Chair