Disability Rights Advocacy Committee (DRAC)

The Disability Rights Advocacy Committee (DRAC) exists to amplify the voices of and improve services for students with disabilities and learning differences here at UC Davis. We are a committee staffed overwhelmingly by those who experience disability, chronic illness, mental health issues, and learning differences, as well as informed allies. As such, we understand firsthand what it is like to be pursuing an education within a framework not designed with us in mind.

An essential part of our work is bringing together students with disabilities and learning differences and building a sense of community. We adhere quite strongly to the motto, “Nothing about us without us.” Our work, therefore, will always reflect the stated needs and interests of those within our population.

Furthermore, we seek to identify and remedy the institutional barriers that compound the challenges of living in bodies and minds that fall outside the standard narrative. Our long-range goal is to ultimately create a cultural shift regarding how disability and learning differences are viewed and treated here at campus.

It is our firm belief that disability is part of the normal range of human experience. It is not our existence that is exceptional, but rather our unique talents, skills, and intellectual capacity that make us exceptional.


Tuesdays at 3 PM in the AMC Room on the 3rd Floor of the Memorial Union.


Chairperson Andy Wu drac@asucd.ucdavis.edu
Adoptive Senator Brandon Clemons btclemons@ucdavis.edu