Mark and Linda Champagne ASUCD Customer Service Award


  • Nominee must be an undergraduate member of the University of California, Davis in good academic standing based on GPA.
  • Nominee must be a full-time, part-time and/or current Planned Education Leave Program student of the University of California, Davis.
  • Nominee must be an hourly employee of the ASUCD.

Selection Criteria

Customer ServiceA student with a high degree of customer service:

  1. Makes a customer feel appreciated and important.
  2. Exhibits politeness and helpfulness toward customers in problematic situations.
  3. Listens to customers and leaves a positive lasting impression on them.

Initiative – A student with initiative:

  • Goes above and beyond normal duties
  • Maintains productivity throughout the shift, accurately completing assignments.
  • Volunteers for any assignment while maintaining a positive attitude.
  • Arrives to shift early and stays late to ensure all the needs of the unit are met.

Teamwork – A student with a strong sense of teamwork:

  • Works all scheduled shifts plus regularly takes shifts on behalf of fellow workers.
  • Builds strong relationships with co-workers.
  • Treats fellow workers with respect.
  • Serves as a positive example to the rest of the student employees.
  • Completes their own duties and makes effort to assist fellow workers to complete their tasks.

Contribution to employer – A student who makes a significant contribution to the unit’s management team:

  • Supports management team, including student supervisors, student managers and career managers.
  • Exhibits a strong sense of maturity when dealing with difficult issues.
  • Seeks to be promoted.
  • Maintains an exemplary service record with the unit.
  • Contributes value to the overall department functionality.
  • Balances work, academics and outside interests successfully.

 Award Process

The winner(s) are selected by the Mark and Linda Champagne Customer Service Award Committee.