Champagne Committee

The Mark and Linda Champagne ASUCD Customer Service/Exceptional Hourly Employee Award Committee (Champagne Committee) consists of seven (7) voting members. The ASUCD Business Manager serves as Chairperson and the ASUCD president or designee serves as Vice Chairperson. The other members include: the Director of the ASUCD Coffee House, the General Manager of Unitrans, an ASUCD Student Unit Director (chosen at the discretion of the ASUCD Business Manager) and two (2) ASUCD Senators. The purpose of the Champagne Committee is to manage all activities relating to the ASUCD Customer Service/Exceptional Hourly Employee Award including planning and publicizing the award, selecting recipients, and ensuring proper distribution.




Business Manager Greg Ortiz
Coffee House Director Darin Schluep
Unitrans General Manager Jeffery Flynn
President Michael Gofman
Adoptive Senator Gavenjit Kaur