Hello! We are the Office of the International Student Representative (OISR). We are a newly created office within the Executive Branch of ASUCD with a mission to help international students both abroad and on campus. The office strives to provide a safe, equitable, and informative space for all international students navigating campus and the U.S. in general.

The OISR is comprised of 7 members:

 International Student Representative                            Chief-of-Staff       

       Keven Zhou                                                           Jiayi Huang 


Dayna Lee, Harvey Qin, Saumya Desai, Ning Mu, and Peter Chen

Every member within the OISR is focused on their projects to make UC Davis a more inclusive environment for international students. The current projects include creating multilingual fliers, fast-track employment forms, ethnic and cultural foods at the dining commons, mental health, etc. 

The OISR’s work focuses on the international RSOs on campus, and we hope to be the place for dialogue between all organizations on campus. We host quarterly International Student Roundtables to bring RSOs together and foster constructive dialogue between organizations to understand the current issues they face on campus. We will continue to host roundtables, and we strongly urge more international, cultural, and ethnic RSOs to join. 

The OISR also works closely with Global Affairs and Services for International Students and Scholars. Together, we are hosting an International Student Orientation in September 2022, an excellent place for incoming international students to meet their peers. We encourage all international students to come during September 14-15th to the International Center. 

There are more projects along the way, and we want to ensure that the work this office does benefits all international students on campus in all aspects. We understand how stressful it can be to be in a completely new environment away from home. And we want to be here to support every international student, whether socially, academically, or emotionally. One piece of advice that we would like to give to all international students abroad or on campus is not to overwhelm yourself with academics and join clubs that you enjoy being part of. There is a lot to do at UC Davis, and what you make of it matters!

Please feel free to follow our Instagram (@asucd.isr) and WeChat Newsletter (ASUCD OISR). We can also be reached at ISR@asucd.ucdavis.edu to schedule Zoom or in-person meetings with any team member.

Make sure to keep an eye out for vacancies at the Office of International Student Representative on ASUCD’s vacancy website


Writer(s): Office of the International Student Representative

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