Working behind the scenes of ASUCD is an administrative bureaucracy that ensures the smooth operation of the Association. This bureaucracy contains many sub-parts to ensure the successful execution of specific elements of ASUCD. The Headquarters focuses on the financial side of the Association. Alternatively, the Student Government Administrative Office (SGAO) deals with legislation, government record keeping, and other related tasks. Lastly, the ASUCD Business Manager works with the ASUCD Controller, ASUCD Student Government Officials, and ASUCD Unit Directors to ensure the financial stability and proper operation of the Association.


347 Memorial Union

The Headquarters supports all ASUCD units through financial and administrative services. Some of these services include mail and check distribution, accounting, and payroll.

Front Desk: (530) 752-1990


Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm (closed on all University Holidays)

Mailing address:


347 Memorial Union

One Shields Avenue

Davis, CA. 95616-5270



Greg Ortiz

Business Manager

(530) 754-4609

Paula Nichols

Office Manager & Accounts Receivable


Payroll/Personnel Coordinator

Richard Feltstykket

Director of IT


Heather Gastellum

ASUCD Advisor to Athletic & Administrative Advisory Committees


Administrative Coordinator

Alexander Park

Creative Media Director

Hiring Documents

ASUCD Hiring Notice


Request for Vacancy Listing 



Contact Payroll:

  1. Back-pay submissions- Stipends that did not get their timesheets in time
  2. Payroll Confirmations- If unit directors are unable to confirm on the ASUCD Timeclock website, please email your unit’s confirmations to this email
  3. Discrepancies- inquiries on missed pay, underpayments, overpayments, non-payments, etc.
  4. Paper timesheets
  5. Issues with TRS for Hourly employees
  6. Issues with ASUCD Timeclock
  7. Inquiries/ Questions regarding payroll for ASUCD Payroll/Personnel Coordinator
  8. Tax forms: Questions
  9. Former Employees inquiring about their W-2’s


  1. New hire introductions
  2. Submitting completed hiring notices
  3. Inquiring about the hiring process
  4. Questions about setting up direct deposit, etc
  5. Submitting completed Non-paid volunteer forms
Personnel Coordinator


  1. Change of Status submissions
  2. Longevity submissions
  3. Promotion longevities
  4. Any Career staff-related transaction
  5. Separations/Terminations
  6. Questions for the ASUCD Payroll/Personnel Coordinator regarding information in UC Path, etc.


    1. Submitting requests for Vacancies
    2. Requests for previous vacancies
    3. Modifications to current vacancies
    4. Issues with the vacancy site
    5. Questions about vacancies, or applications
    6. Upon a vacancy closing- applications will be emailed from this email to the appropriate person

Student Government Administrative Office (SGAO)

338 Memorial Union

The Student Government Administrative Office (SGAO) provides a confidential advisor to all members of student government. The office staff prepares and disperses legislation between the President, Vice President, Senate, and all seven commissions. In addition to its work with legislation distribution, SGAO provides the weekly agenda and minutes for the aforementioned groups. The office maintains files of all the minutes and legislation for each academic year, offers petitions and packets of election materials to the student candidates, keeps current copies of the ASUCD Constitution and bylaws and provides history files of past and present student government events.

We are an unbiased unit within ASUCD responsible for processing legislation. We do not draft bills or make statements on behalf of the student body.

Office Hours

The SGAO Office is located in Room 338 on the 3rd Floor of the Memorial Union. For questions or concerns, contact us through our email:

Office Hours:

Monday: 10:00am-5:30pm

Tuesday: 12:30pm-5:30pm

Wednesday: 10:30am-5:30pm

Thursday: 12:30pm-6:30pm

Friday: 10:30am-3:30pm