Welcome to ASUCD’s brand new and official blog! This blog is brought to you through a collaborative effort between those working in the 2021-2022 ASUCD Executive Office’s Community Outreach Taskforce and the folks at Creative Media.

This platform is meant to be a way for UC Davis students to learn more about the ongoings of ASUCD and to help students gets more involved on campus.

Visitors of this blog can expect to see the following content moving forward:

  • Content highlighting the people and groups working within the Association
  • Information for upcoming major ASUCD events
  • Tips and resources on how to get involved with ASUCD 
  • Content promoting ASUCD and campus resources
  • Content promoting the diverse voices and concerns of the student body
  • And much more!

This blog will also be a platform for ASUCD’s elected representatives, units/commissions/committees, and many other student leaders to increase the visibility of their services, and to cultivate a transparent and welcoming atmosphere for the Association. 

Though the team writing for this new blog is only made up of four members this year, we hope that this project blossoms into a platform that all students can look to for information related to ASUCD for many years to come.

For now, be sure to keep your eyes posted on the vacancy website if you want to get involved with ASUCD!

Additional Links:

What is ASUCD? Check out this YouTube video to learn more

Click here for ASUCD’s official Twitter

Click here for ASUCD’s official Instagram 

Click here for ASUCD’s official Facebook

Click here for ASUCD’s official LinkedIn

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