Experimental College

260 South Silo

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The Experimental College was founded in 1966 as part of a movement of Experimental Colleges on university campuses to bring alternative voices to the University culture. It strives to provide a forum for learning and an outlet for individuals to share their interests and skills in an informal, cooperative setting by holding courses every quarter and managing a community garden and a library.

Courses are scheduled to parallel the UCD quarter, in order to provide convenience to students. Registration occurs at the the beginning of each quarter, and classes start shortly after UCD courses and end shortly before finals week. Registration is open to all community members, not just students. The Course Catalog is published toward the end of each quarter and contains information regarding course prices, times, and dates.

In addition to sponsoring courses, the Experimental College manages a community garden and a library.  It promotes organic methods and encourages gardeners to form a community. The library is located in the Experimental College office at the South Silo, and book loans are available for current students and members, emphasizing books related to its courses, as well as a variety of subjects including holistic health, educational innovation, history of oppression, progressive politics, appropriate technology, environmental concern, sustainable agriculture and living, spirituality environmental literature, children’s books and gardening books.

Our web page contains an online catalog which is posted at the same time our print catalog is published. It is updated regularly, and contains current, correct information, including current enrollment, regarding all courses.

The Experimental College lounge and library is open for people to study, eat, and socialize! We are located on the UC Davis Campus, in the South Silo building, right by The Bike Barn and The Craft Center. We hope that you can find some element of our program enriching.


Director: Suzanne Lewis
Office Manager: Hannah Moore

(530) 752-9117 (Director)
(530) 752-2568 (Office Manager)

Adoptive Senators: Shehzad Lokhandwalla and Gareth Smythe