ASUCD Budget

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Download ASUCD’s budget for the 2011-2012 fiscal year (in .zip form) here.

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If you have any questions about the budget feel free to schedule an appointment or email the ASUCD Controller or contact the Student Government Administrative Office.

ASUCD has a $10.7 million annual operating budget, running over 20 units and other services. ASUCD employs more students than any other department at UC Davis, providing many opportunities of employment for students in addition to services for every individual on campus.  The budget is drafted by the Executive office, largely by the ASUCD Controller. The budget is sent to the Senate for approval towards the end of every academic year.

Many units operate on a break-even basis – especially the business units – though a majority of the programmatic units receive a subsidy from the student government.


Every quarter, each ASUCD member pays $41 in ASUCD fees. Due to fee referenda, this money is split in four ways:

  • $30.50 goes directly to Unitrans to pay for free undergraduate ridership on its buses;
  • $0.50 goes to Cal Aggie Camp, as ASUCD’s philanthropic program;
  • $2.00 goes out of ASUCD to the Educational Opportunity Program; and
  • $8.00 goes to ASUCD’s General Fund, money the ASUCD Senate can allocate.

Of this, 25% of ASUCD Fees are returned to students for financial aid. For example, over the course of a year, Cal Aggie Camp gets 3 x $0.50 = $1.50 from each student, but as 25% goes to financial aid, the actual amount is $1.12 annually.

After money is distributed to the aforementioned funds, these fees generate over $500,000 in revenue for the ASUCD Senate to allocate to every other program offered by ASUCD.

For a real-time graph of the budget, please visit the 2011 Budget Site Graph

If you would like to see detailed line items of ASUCD’s annual operating budgets from prior years, please click the links below:

Note: If you would like to view older records, contact or come into the SGAO office, 3rd floor, Memorial Union.  Hard copy records can be provided.