Term: Winter 2012

Email: samartin@ucdavis.edu

Office Hours:  Tues/Thurs: 12 – 1:30.  Wed: 3-4

Year: Junior

Major(s)/Minor(s): Environmental Policy Analysis & Political Science double major

Slate: BOLD

Authored Legislation:

(2010-2011 Academic Year) – SB# 38, 39

Campaign Statement:

I want to serve YOU and bring you the programs and events on campus that are important to YOU. I love our campus and I believe ASUCD can continue to do so much more to enhance every student’s experience at UC Davis. ASUCD has made a huge positive impact on my undergraduate experience and I believe I can help ASUCD provide this experience to everyone. I strive to represent the interests of EVERY STUDENT and would love to discuss any issues or ideas you may have for our campus.

PLATFORM ISSUES: If elected, I plan to work with ASUCD Units to make their services technologically up-to-date and to expand environmental sustainability practices both within ASUCD and across campus.

CLASSICAL NOTES ONLINE: I want to work with Creative Media to create a website for Classical Notes which would allow students to purchase class notes with their student ID or credit card, and view class notes and eBooks online, providing convenience to students, promoting environmental sustainability, and cutting costs to the unit.

EXPAND COMPOSTING: Work with BOLD Executive Candidates Adam & Bree, as well as a multitude of campus organizations to meet the 2020 UC-wide zero-waste mandate, specifically by focusing on the expansion of the successful composting in the MU to outside the MU, the Silo, and other areas on campus.

CREATE AN ASUCD NEWSLETTER: Create an ASUCD Newsletter that will be distributed via email to undergraduate students, describing important legislation passed, upcoming events, and job opportunities so that students have easy access to information about their student government.