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The ASUCD Senate is responsible for maintenance, use and title to all ASUCD property, allocation of all ASUCD revenues,  and the development of all policies and regulations necessary for the smooth and efficient operation of ASUCD. The Senate consists of twelve (12) elected members of the student body who represent the student voice at  UC Davis . The Senate consists of twenty-two members, but only the twelve (12) Senators have the ability to vote.  The ASUCD Vice President may  cast a vote only in order to break a tie.

How can I speak during a Senate meeting?

The agendas for Senate meetings are announced 24 hours in advance here. The meetings follow Parliamentary Procedures. If you are unfamiliar with these procedures you can follow the guidelines here. To speak, simply arrive to the meeting at any time and raise your hand in order to be placed on the speakers’ list. You will have 5 minutes to speak with 2 – 2 minute deferments.

When and where are the Senate meetings held?

Meetings are usually held on Thursdays starting at 6:10pm in the Mee Room on the 3rd floor of the Memorial Union. No meetings occur during Finals Week unless a special meeting is called. Please refer to the announcements on the home page or dates on the agenda page for an updated list of meeting dates.

How can I place an item on the agenda?

If you would like to place anything on the agenda such as a presentation, an item you would like to discuss during public discussion, a bill or resolution, please email the ASUCD Vice President at vicepresident@asucd.ucdavis.edu to coordinate an agenda item. Anything to be placed on the agenda must be submitted no later than 11:59pm on the Tuesday prior to the Thursday meeting.

How can I contact the ASUCD Senate?

If you would like to contact the ASUCD Senate regarding any issue on campus, you may reach out to any ASUCD Senator listed below or send an email to the Senate Listserv at senate@ucdavis.edu

ASUCD Senate Members

Presiding Officer of the Senate

Gareth Smythe Vice President (ex officio)

ASUCD Senators 2014-2015

Fall Term Senators Winter Term Senators
Reem Fatayerji Miguel Guerrero
Alex Lee* Gabriel Johnson
Casey Nguyen Danielle Mae Q. Santiago
Roman Rivilis Sevan Nahabedian
Anabiah Syed Sarah Priano
Andrea Velazquez Anas Tresh

* Indicates Pro Tempore of the Senate

Ex-Officio Members of the ASUCD Senate

Name Position
Allan Bach Academic Affairs Commission Chair
Joanna Jaroszewska Business and Finance Commission Chair
Abire Sabbagh External Affairs Commission Chair
Abhay Sandhu Internal Affairs Commission Chair
Nilofer Chollampat Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission Chair
Ivon Garcia Gender and Sexuality Commission Chair
Marissa Ayala Environmental Policy and Planning Commission Chair
John Wu Elections Committee Chair
Francisco Lara Controller
Lauren Ashe Outreach Assembly Speaker