Elections Committee

The ASUCD Elections Committee is responsible for the fair, impartial, and efficient administration of ASUCD elections. The Committee also coordinates publicity and outreach to encourage students to vote and sponsors candidate and ballot measure forums to better inform students of Election issues.

Two general elections are held each academic year. Six senators are elected on the seventh week of fall quarter and six senators and the President and Vice President are elected during the seventh week of winter quarter.

The Elections Committee is always hiring Elections interns! Interns are volunteers who want a small time commitment but huge exposure to student government, with potential for more volunteer/intern job opportunities within ASUCD. Assist the Elections Committee in running successful ASUCD Elections, with possible responsibilities including the areas of outreach, publicity (chalking, flyering, etc.), and running/managing voting stations, among other possibilities. Interns will be trained to run a polling station, attract votes, prevent and document violations of the ASUCD Bylaws and Elections Codes. To indicate your interest, please apply at http://vacancy.ucdavis.edu/listing/10307. No prior experience needed.

If you are interested in running for office, initiating a ballot measure or recall campaign, or becoming a volunteer/intern, or have any questions related to ASUCD Elections, please email us.


Position Member Email
Chair Eric Renslo emrenslo@ucdavis.edu
Publicity Coordinator
Events Coordinator
Outreach/Interns Coordinator
Media Coordinator