Outreach Assembly

The Outreach Assembly is the official outreach arm of ASUCD, helping bridge the disconnect between campus clubs and ASUCD student government. There are 13 Outreach Assemblymembers and up to four alternates. The ASUCD Outreach Assembly’s goal is to foster collaborative student activities, as well as inform the student body of ASUCD and student organization activities. The Outreach Assembly will also plan quarterly leadership summits.

Clubs may now apply for grant money from the Outreach Assembly!
Check out the Grant Process Form and the Grant Application Form.

Outreach Assembly Resource Manual:

Check it out here.


Wednesdays at 7:10-9:00pm in the Moss Room (3rd floor MU)
Speaker Office Hours: Tuesday 12-2 and Thursday 12-2.



Assembly member Email Term
*Lauren Ashe leashe@ucdavis.edu Fall
Marissa Forzisi maforzici@ucdavis.edu Fall
Aaron Sugano  aksugano@ucdavis.edu Fall
Dasha Mikhalchenko Fall
Priya Seth pryiaseth94@gmail.com Fall
Maegan Enverga  msenverga@ucdavis.edu Fall
Nicole Yen nyen@ucdavis.edu Fall
Veena Bansal vabansal@ucdavis.edu Winter
 Gayana Saakyan  saakyan@ucdavis.edu Winter
Sam Ho  ksho@ucdavis.edu Winter
Sarah Elbostany selbostany@ucdavis.edu Winter
Mariana Henry  mlhenry@ucdavis.edu Winter
Valerie Nguyen Winter
Danielle Kassatly  dmkassatly@ucdavis.edu 1st Alternate
Sandhya Dhital  sdhital@ucdavis.edu 2nd Alternate
Anastasia Rud arud@ucdavis.edu 3rd Alternate
Arnold Trinh arnoldtrinh@gmail.com 4th Alternate

*Speaker of the Outreach Assembly