Seven Commissions make up the subordinate legislative bodies of the ASUCD Senate.  The primary duty of the commission is to advise the ASUCD Senate on matters relevant to their specialty.  Many commissions are also programmatic, planning events and activities that pertain to their field of expertise and help the student body in an educational or entertaining way.

Commissions hire new members at the end of Fall Quarter and the end of Spring Quarter each year, though vacancies often occur mid-year as well.  Commissions are composed of nine voting members and up to four alternate members.

ASUCD Commissions:

Academic Affairs Commissions (AAC)

Business and Finance Commission (B&F)

Environmental Policy and Planning Commission (EPPC)

Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission (ECAC)

External Affairs Commission (EAC)

Gender and Sexuality Commission (GASC)

Internal Affairs Commission (IAC)


Fall Term: 09/01/13 – 06/30/2014

Winter Term:  1/1/14 – 12/31/14


Location: 354 Memorial Union (3rd Floor)
Telephone: (530) 752-9834