The ASUCD Court consists of eight associate justices and one chief justice. Its main responsibility is to interpret the wording of the ASUCD Constitution and legislation enacted pursuant to the Constitution. It is also responsible for reviewing previously enacted legislation made by the ASUCD Senate as requested by any ASUCD members. Once appointed, members of the Court serve for the remainder of their membership in ASUCD, as long as it does not exceed four years.


Wednesdays at 8:00pm in the AMC Room



Member Date Appointed
Chief Justice Andaru Iman 01/2014
Associate Justice David Belcher 01/2014
Associate Justice Alexis Caligiuri 06/2014
Associate Justice Adriana Reyna 06/2014
Associate Justice Haley Silvano 06/2014
Associate Justice Christiana Flaherty 12/2014
Associate Justice Malcolm Rivera 12/2014
Associate Justice Mikaela Tenner 01/2015