Vice President

Welcome to the page of ASUCD Vice President Maxwell Kappes

VP&Prez President Armando Figueroa and Vice President Maxwell Kappes

Peace Community,

I’m Maxwell Kappes, and I previously served as your ASUCD Senator, representing the more than six hundred clubs on campus with my experiences from leading Davis Urban Gaming Group, Humans versus Zombies, and serving as an officer on several other groups.

Make the Transition Out of the Dorms Easier

When student housing finally welcomes first years and transfers into the community, it can be difficult for students to manage new parts of their lives alongside increasingly challenging schoolwork. We intend to expand Counseling and Psychology Services (CAPS) to include conflict resolution services, specifically to assist with roommate issues and dealing with the challenges of a group living dynamic that apartment dwelling frequently presents. Additionally, we want to expand the Student Farm’s relationship with the Pantry, so students new on their own know what foods to eat and how to cook them.

Advocate for More Study Spaces, 24-Hour Computer Labs

As senators, both of us were involved in expanding student involvement in campus renovations and construction. Using that experience, we will serve as fierce advocates for an expansion of round-the-clock studying spaces and computer labs. By the end of our term, when someone mentions “the 24-hour room,” you’ll have to ask them to clarify which one.

Bring More Student Services to Everyone

ASUCD is remarkable in that it provides more distinct services than any other UC student government. However, many of these services, such as The Pantry, a food bank for undergraduates, and Aggie Legal Services, which offers free consultation from a lawyer, and underutilized and obscured from the bureaucracy that threatens to reign over them. We want to give all of our units a better opportunity to actually serve students, as well as increase the services provided to all Aggies, including affordable senior portraits and professional audio recording.

Create SMARTer Connections with Student Organizations and Units

Student organizations frame most Aggies’ UC Davis experience, but frequently, it can be difficult to find your niche. The Activities Fair, currently the easiest way to interact with the most amount of clubs, is nearly halfway into fall quarter, long after most rush events and welcome weeks. By working with student housing and the Center for Student Involvement to move this key event to week zero, first year Aggies can get a better understanding of all of the opportunities provided by their peers. We intend to involve ASUCD’s resources in club life beyond the first week of school as well, providing more collaborative opportunities for student organizations.