Welcome to the page of ASUCD Controller Rylan Schaeffer



About Rylan,

Rylan is a third year Computer Science Engineering major, hailing straight from the heart of Silicon Valley.  He switched to the financial side of ASUCD during Winter 2012 and served the 12-13 Chair of the Business and Finance Commission before becoming the 13-14 Controller.  A former debater, Rylan has a passion for research, argumentation and reason.  Outside of ASUCD, he is institutionalizing a program to enable undergraduate students to teach courses to other undergraduates, and is co-teaching the program’s pilot course with his best friend.  He never passes on an opportunity to dress up, and can often be found quoting his favorite book – currently Silence of the Lambs.

Office Hours: Mondays 4:00pm-5:00pm, Tuesdays 3:00pm-4:00pm, Thursdays 8:00am-9:00am, Fridays 1:00pm-2:00pm

About the Controller

The ASUCD Controller is responsible for drafting and implementing the $11.8 million ASUCD Budget. As the primary financial adviser to the ASUCD President and the ASUCD Senate, the Controller also recommends policies to improve ASUCD’s commercial operations and general business practices. In addition, the Controller works closely with the ASUCD Business Manager in overseeing the units of the Association, monitoring spending, and keeping Unit Directors’ spending within their allocated budgets.

You can find the ASUCD Operating Budget here.

The Controller serves as member on the following:
-ASUCD Internet and Networking Committee (INC), Chairperson
-ASUCD Unit Relocation and Space Allocation Committee (URSAC), Chairperson
-Club Finance Council (CFC), Ex-Officio Member
-Health Fee Oversight Committee (HFOC), Student-Member

The Controller serves as an ex-officio member on the following:
-Campus Council for Information Technology (CCFITT), ASUCD Representative Member
-Campus Unions and Recreation Board (CURB), Member
-ASUCD Business and Finance Commission, Ex-Officio Member
-ASUCD Internal Affairs Commission, Ex-Officio Member

The Controller also carries out projects, which currently include:
-ASUCD Financial History
-ASUCD Entrepreneurship Fund
-ASUCD Budget Website

Contact Information,

Rylan can be reached by email at controller@asucd.ucdavis.edu.