The ASUCD President and Vice President are elected during the seventh week of winter quarter.  The executives serve 1 year terms with no term limits.

This page includes all relevant information for the held Fall 2012 ASUCD Executive Elections. 


  • Elections Calendar
  • Instructions for candidate flyers
  • Instructions for candidate platform statements

Click here to see more information on the official UC Davis Elections site.

Below is a copy of the Fall 2012 Elections Calendar.  *NOTE* That dates are subject to change.  Any physical copy of the calendar is not official – this online version will be the official calendar.

Tue, Oct. 16th (12 NOON) Nominating Petitions Available @ the Student Government Administrative Office (SGAO), 3rd floor, Memorial Union (MU).
Tue, Oct. 23rd (12 NOON) Petitions due @ SGAO.
Mon, Oct. 23rd (time TBD) Mandatory Candidate Workshop @ [Location/Time TBA].  *NOTE*, candidate pictures will be taken.
Fri, Oct. 26th Official list of candidates posted online
Mon, Oct. 29th (12 NOON) Flyer Design Due (Hard Copy @SGAO by 12 ONLY)
Mon, Oct. 29th  (11:59 PM) Platform Statement Due via email to the Elections Committee Chair
Tue, Oct. 30th (12 NOON) Flyer Pickup #1 @ SGAO
Tue, Oct. 30th (12 NOON) Deadline for withdrawal from the elections (see Bylaw 417A)
Mon, Nov. 5th (12 NOON) Request for additional flyers due (instructions will be emailed to candidates)
Tue, Nov. 6th (12 NOON) Expenditure form #1 due
Tue, Nov. 6th (12 NOON) Coffee House Debate (**Tentative date)
Wed, Nov. 6th (12 NOON) ) Flyer Pickup #2 @ SGAO
Wed, Nov. 7th (12 NOON) List of elections staff posted
Thu, Nov. 8 (12 NOON) Expenditure form #1 initial review results and orignal forms made available for public viewing
Tue, Nov. 13th (8 AM) Voting begins at
Fri, Nov. 16th (8 AM) Voting ends
Fri, Nov. 16th (12 NOON) Election Results Announced
Mon, Nov. 19th (12 NOON) Second Expenditure Form Due @ SGAO. (Candidates may submit the form at the time of Election Results to the Elections Committee)
Wed, Nov. 22th (12 NOON) Second Expenditure Form initial review and original forms made available for public viewing.
Thu, Nov. 23rd (12 NOON) Deadline for any ASUCD member to file a written complaint alleging violation of Election Codes

Official Candidate List

Candidate Flyer Instructions

All Flyers Must:

  • Have the dates of the election; February 21st – February 24th, 8AM – 8AM
  • Have the elections website:
  • Be 8.5”x11”
  • Have the name of the candidate and the office for which they are running
  • Be turned into SGAO (348 MU) by Thursday, February 2nd at 12 NOON

Candidate Platform Statement Submission

  • Statements must be 500 words or less (as determined by Word Count tool on MS Word)
  • Email your statement to:
  • Send your platform as text, not as an attachment
  • No bullets, lists, or special formatting in order to ensure that text is displayed correctly.  All statements will be displayed in paragraph form.

As always, send any questions to the elections committee – we’re happy to help!