University Affairs

The role of University Affairs is to ensure that undergraduate students are represented and advocated for at University level. It actively meets with faculty leadership, the administration of UC Davis, the UC Regents, the UC Office of the President, and students from other UC campuses to achieve this goal. It also motivates and encourages student voice in various campus committees and advisory boards that affect student life. In addition to advocacy work, it works to educate students on the processes and structures of the UC Regents and UCD administration.


Member Position EMAIL
Dillan Horton Director
Gareth Smythe Senator
Shehzad Lokhandwalla Senator

Know your Rights (as students) – Student Judicial Affairs information
Head over to the Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) website to know what is and is not considered academic misconduct.

Your University. Your Voice.
Want to represent UC Davis undergraduates in determine Campus Based Fees? Do you have a lot of opinions on the state of Athletics and/or Arts here at UCD? Can’t sleep because you’re constantly thinking about campus transportation and parking? There’s a committee for all of those and then some. Get your voice heard. Be a student representative in UC Davis administration by applying for a spot on an Administrative Advisory Committee at

Got Opinions about SHIP?
Health Insurance and access to resources for a healthy living are not just buzz topics for national elections. These are real issues, on our campus, and they are directly impacting YOU. yes, YOU. You pay into this system and then you have to deal with its end results. Hmmmm, sounds a little unsettling, doesn’t it? Want to have a say in this direct impact? What about where your money goes? And how will these changes be implemented? Then you, my friend, should check this and apply to be the student voice!

Connect to the Regents
Questions or concerns you would like the UC Regents to know about? Send them our way to And if you’re feeling even more inspired, please contact the University Affairs Director to find more ways to get involved.

Contacting Your Legislators
Many students on campus are very passionate about a number of political issues of the day. If there is something on your mind that you would wish to share with one of your elected officials but might not know who they are, look no further! Here’s a list of website to help you look up YOUR elected officials (both state and federal) so you can tell them what’s on your mind!

U.S. Congress
U.S. House of Representatives lookup:

U.S. Senators – California:
Sen. Boxer –
Sen. Feinstein –

California State Legislature
Assemblymember and Senator lookup: