Aggie Traditions Handbook

Hey Aggies! Be sure to pick up your free Aggie Traditions Student Handbook during Homecoming Week! Over a hundred pages, the Handbook is a collection of UC Davis history, student life, and both lost and current traditions. “The Aggie Traditions Book is great because it rekindles lost traditions and highlights new ones,” ASUCD President Adam Thongsavat shared. “It encourages us to define and reinvent Aggie traditions and discover what’s great about our rich history and even more rich potential as a campus.”

The Handbook was a project of former ASUCD Vice President Molly Fluet. Written in conjunction with the former Student Alumni Association Co-President Jenn Giblin, this collection of UCD culture has been in the making for over three years and is a must-have for all students. “Looking through it reminds me of every reason why I love Davis, this campus, and the students,” ASUCD Vice President Bree Rombi said. “Molly did a great job on this book and any student would be lucky to have one!”

Fluet and Aggie Pack officials will be passing out the Handbooks with other free giveaways all week. Look for them in front of the Memorial Union or at bike circles between classes. Whether you’re a seasoned fourth year or a wide-eyed first year, the Handbook is sure to fill you in on our school’s fun and exciting traditions!